Your guide to The steps and procedures that you need all or some

of to start your project and practice your activity:

Legal procedures

– Incorporation of a company
– trademark registration
– Creating an insurance file for the company
– Issuance of a permanent export card
– Issuance of an import card
– Providing an administrative headquarters for the company
– Assistance in obtaining a land allotment from the Industrial Development Authority

Administrative Procedures

– Estimating the project’s needs for labor

– Preparing the organizational structure and responsibilities

– Preparing the internal systems and procedures necessary for the operation of the project

Financial procedures

1- Preparing a financial and economic feasibility study, which consists of:

– Statement of the proposed financing structure for the project

-Working capital statement

-Pre-operating cost statement

-Preparing estimated financial statements for the period of financial forecasts (three or five years).

2- Qualification for financing

Marketing procedures

1- Preparing a marketing study that includes:

Market structure, size, characteristics, and opportunities

– competitors supply and demand factors

Estimate current and future demand

Estimate the current and future bid

The current gap between supply and demand

– Prevalent and expected prices

Customer requirements

Data about service consumers

Estimate future sales and revenue

2- Preparing the marketing and sales plan and the marketing policy to be followed

Technical procedures

– Assistance in choosing a project site

– Determining the start size

– Preparing a timetable for the implementation of the project

– Internal project planning

– Compliance with environmental conditions

– Fulfillment of civil defense requirements

– Assistant in obtaining production lines

– Suggest new technological means

– Assisting in estimating the project’s needs in terms of raw materials, supplies, energy and water

– Estimate the annual operating cost